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Only a small percent of a person’s capabilities and potential can be observed on the surface. Discovering the rest—such as an individual’s Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Traits, and Interests—will take some digging. According to Harvard Business Review, the “Job Fit” approach accurately predicts job success more than any of the commonly accepted factors, such as education, experience, or job training.

Learn how Job Fit can optimize your talent management strategy by downloading the Job Fit Journal: How to Select the Right Person for the Right Role to Maximize for Success.

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"We started working with Fairchild Coaching because the assessment we were using was focused on personality, and didn’t provide information on the “whole person” including cognitive abilities and interests. Our turnover was around $15M per year, and increasing. We wanted to be more effective in hiring top talent into critical roles and reduce the cost of turnover. Finally, we wanted to increase the effectiveness including time-to-productivity of new-hires in critical roles and did not want to run the risk of legal challenges to our use of assessments. Fairchild Coaching has met our needs and exceeded our expectations. Teri and Tatyana are credible experts with deep understanding of assessments, performance models and interpretation of assessment results. Teri has an exceptional understanding of the drivers of sales and sales management performance. Fairchild Coaching stays at the leading edge of assessment practice, and provides superior service. They also partner with Wiley – who offers high-quality products."

Thom Powell
Stanley Consultants Global Engineering, Muscatine, IA

"I used PXT Select™ as a part of my succession planning process. The information was instrumental in helping me avoid bias and make important selection decisions based on data. Teri helped me create success profiles for each position on my team and then I was able to make informed hiring decisions. The PXT Select™ reports helped me to select the right person for the position I was vacating and also facilitate a candid conversation with each team member to discuss development opportunities. This information will help them to grow and develop in their careers at Charlotte Pipe. The one-on-one coaching and research-based data helped me achieve my goal of leaving behind a productive and cohesive team."

Mike Selz
Commercial Casting Sales Manager at Charlotte Pipe & Foundry, Charlotte, North Carolina


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