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"We selected Teri Fairchild to work with our company because she understands our industry and culture. This gives us a level of comfort and trust. Teri asks good questions and as a result, she is able to deliver the services that are the right fit for us. Industry trends are requiring us to do more with less and work smarter. She is helping us minimize silos and work across invisible borders to collaborate more. Her outside set of eyes and partnership are helping to take us from where we are to where we want to go."

Patricia Dietz, PHR/SHRM-CP
HR Manager for Woodward Communications, Inc. Publishing Division

"We selected Teri Fairchild to work with our company because we felt she is a good fit. We read her book and realized she was in line with our core values. We were looking for someone who could take a group of strong individual employees and pull them together to work as a cohesive team. Not only does she support the team, but she supports each individual on the team well by asking good questions and meeting with them face-to-face and as a group. We like the outside perspective, concrete information via notes and assessments that she brings to our process of improving our team dynamics."

Teresa Westhoff
Human Resources Director at BARD Materials

"Loved working with Teri and the program helped me become a better employee and manager."

Shelly Baughman
Quality Mgr., TMK IPSCO, Camanche, IA

"Our company is expanding, and as a result, our senior leadership team needed more skills. Since we participated in the program as a team, we were able to complete important efficiency projects, and have a stronger foundation in place with quality, safety, and training to take our business to the next level. "

Steve Streff
President, SK Plastic Molding, Inc., Monroe., WI

"The program was a great tool to help my team with succession planning and to achieve our annual strategic objectives. The group meetings helped us develop a plan to implement important priorities. The individual coaching meetings have helped me to create an organizational system to manage it all and be a better coach."

Scott Knapp
VP Sales and Marketing, A.Y. McDonald Mfg., Dubuque, IA

"The 1:1 sessions allowed the program to be tailored to my individual situation and work through my real life managing problems. The webinars allowed me to draw from the experience of others and broaden my understanding of the topics."

Aaron Venters
Lab Manager, Sethness Products, Clinton, IA

"Teri helped me understand my leadership style and develop a vision for myself and my business. One problem I chose to address during the leadership program was staffing. During the meetings, I developed and implemented a plan for staffing multiple offices. As a result of this plan, we were fully staffed and I exceeded my franchise goal by 25%! I found the coaching helpful as it gave me peace of mind knowing that I was thinking through all the things I needed to do to be successful as I intentionally grew my business."

Mark Prier
Franchise Owner, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, Dubuque, Iowa

"The one-on-one sessions were amazing with your help to lead me when I was at a standstill working on the projects/goals that we identified week one.""

Andrea Sewell
First Community Bank Keokuk

"Incredible experience professionally and personally to develop and grow. Inspirational for setting goals and attaining them-for real!"

Valerie Kramer
Owner, VK Marketing

"Teri has taught me how to break big projects down in to individual steps, and then assign deadlines for each of the steps to help keep me moving forward towards completion. The steps themselves are less intimidating than the project as a whole, and it gives me a great sense of accomplishment to check them off the list and meet the goals I set for myself."

Erin Rauen
Customer Service Manager, A. Y. McDonald Mfg.

"The best thing about this program was the structured time to focus on how I can improve my performance, clear my plate to focus, and allow free time to spend on sales activity. Thanks for your time and interest in my development."

Kay Wadsworth
Private Banking Relationship Manager,VP at Illinois Bank & Trust

"We wanted to become more efficient. We know that we don’t have all the answers. We wanted better leadership and better communication with all our employees. The program has been awesome. I am able to spend more time on the big picture of Harris Golf Cars. It’s developed our team to be more confident in the decisions that they make and made them more conscientious. They take more ownership of the business. It’s brought everybody together. I think you are missing the boat if you don’t take advantage of this, because it’s made everyone here more efficient. I can guarantee, if you take the time to do it, it will benefit your business. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It was enjoyable and it made everybody better. "

Scott Harris
Owner, Harris Golf Cars, Dubuque, IA

"We started working with Fairchild Coaching because the assessment we were using was focused on personality, and didn’t provide information on the “whole person” including cognitive abilities and interests. Our turnover was around $15M per year, and increasing. We wanted to be more effective in hiring top talent into critical roles and reduce the cost of turnover. Finally, we wanted to increase the effectiveness including time-to-productivity of new-hires in critical roles and did not want to run the risk of legal challenges to our use of assessments. Fairchild Coaching has met our needs and exceeded our expectations. Teri and Tatyana are credible experts with deep understanding of assessments, performance models and interpretation of assessment results. Teri has an exceptional understanding of the drivers of sales and sales management performance. Fairchild Coaching stays at the leading edge of assessment practice, and provides superior service. They also partner with Wiley – who offers high-quality products."

Thom Powell
Stanley Consultants Global Engineering, Muscatine, IA

"I used PXT Select™ as a part of my succession planning process. The information was instrumental in helping me avoid bias and make important selection decisions based on data. Teri helped me create success profiles for each position on my team and then I was able to make informed hiring decisions. The PXT Select™ reports helped me to select the right person for the position I was vacating and also facilitate a candid conversation with each team member to discuss development opportunities. This information will help them to grow and develop in their careers at Charlotte Pipe. The one-on-one coaching and research-based data helped me achieve my goal of leaving behind a productive and cohesive team."

Mike Selz
Commercial Casting Sales Manager at Charlotte Pipe & Foundry, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Our leadership team completed this program together over a six-month period. During that time we were able to discuss important issues in our meetings. The Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles helped the team to understand our similarities and differences. This has helped us to work together better and be more efficient. "

Joey Taylor
Executive Director, Riverview Center, Serving 16 Counties in IA & IL

"I really liked the high level of interaction of this program! Since I am new to the leadership team, the Everything DiSC Workplace Profiles have helped me to quickly learn how to best work with my new team members. The 1:1 coaching meetings gave me ideas on how to motivate my team, and I was able to use the materials from the program with my staff."

Melissa Hill
Program Manager, Riverview Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

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"I thoroughly enjoyed this unique and exceptionally creative book. Teri has generated a wise and helpful resource for leaders, particularly those facing the thorny issue of management succession." - Dr. Allen Hunt, Best-Selling Author and Senior Advisor at Dynamic Catholic


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